Career Progression

We have a single scheme of service. Your educational qualifications and experience will determine the grade at which you join us. Everyone may progress to higher-level jobs based on demonstrated ability, performance and readiness for the next level. 

We provide ample career opportunities for you to grow both vertically and laterally. You are empowered to make your own career choices and can apply for job rotation to take on different functions through Open Posting Exercise. Refer here for the organisation structure.

Management and Specialist Paths 

You can be developed along two career tracks – the management path and the specialist path depending on your personal inclination and organisation’s assessment.

  Career Track 1

 For Infocomm Officers, the career path is as follows:

  Career Track 2

Management Path Specialist Path

Lead teams, mentor and coach other officers

Manage branch operations and projects

Deepen technical competency

Accredited under the in-house Accredited Tax Specialists (ATS) scheme.  

Be a Master Tax Specialist (MTS)  

Under both paths, officers may apply for sponsorship for professional education or programmes which leads to certification of specialised skills. Examples are Professional Diploma, Graduate Diploma or Specialist Diploma or postgraduate programmes (Masters in Taxation or Masters in Business Administration).  

Our officers grow as tax specialists in the major tax types (Income Tax, Goods & Services Tax and Property Tax) and are accredited as Tax Specialists. This is part of the development and recognition of tax officers who have attained a high level of technical competency. ATS continuously upgrade, share their technical knowledge and contribute to the development of other tax officers in IRAS.

Our Accredited Tax Specialists deepen their knowledge in specific areas of taxation to become MTSs. They are role-models and take the lead to identify new issues, resolve complex problems, self-learn and impart knowledge to others. The training and development roadmap for an MTS include:

  • Structured learning through training programmes
  • Self learning through research
  • Experiential training through attachments to relevant organisations