At IRAS, we believe that learning is a continuous process, and our officers are encouraged to adopt a growth mindset. We challenge our people and provide them with ample opportunities to develop and grow holistically, in turn enhancing our people’s capacities and long-term capabilities.

By joining us, you can expect to be exposed to the following opportunities:


On-the-job trainingClassroom trainingE-learning
On-the-job trainingClassroom trainingE-learning

For officers who are new to tax work, you will be also required to attend and pass an in-house tax examination.

Enhanced exposure to different areas of work

Open-posting exerciseSecondmentDual appointmentsCross-divisional committee & corporate projects
Open-posting exerciseSecondmentDual appointmentsCross-divisional committee & corporate projects

Tax Specialist Schemes

Accredited Tax Specialists (ATS) Scheme

Under this scheme, you can grow and attain accreditation as a Tax Specialist in 1 of the major tax types - Income Tax, Goods & Services Tax and Property Tax. This is part of the development and recognition of tax officers who have attained a high level of technical competency. ATSes are expected to continuously upgrade, share their technical knowledge and contribute to the development of other tax officers in IRAS.

Master Tax Specialists (ATS) Scheme

After deepening their knowledge in specific areas of taxation, Accredited Tax Specialists can become a MTS.

If you are a MTS, you are expected to be a role-model and should take the lead to identify new issues, resolve complex problems, self-learn and impart knowledge to others. MTSes will also receive structured learning through training programmes, experiential training through attachments to relevant organisations and conduct self-learning through research.