Learning and Growth

"We Invest in Our People" 

Learning and Growth

Our people are our most valuable asset.

We believe that everyone:

  • Has a role to play in achieving our Vision 
  • Is a well-rounded individual and a contributing member of the IRAS family 
  • Is an engaged employee who is committed and productive

We invest in:   

  • Enhancing our people capacity and long-term capability
  • Giving challenging and meaningful jobs where everyone feels engaged and sees ourselves growing and contributing
  • Growing leaders at every level for organisational renewal
  • Having a conducive work environment that helps everyone to balance his work, personal and family needs  

We are encouraged to:     

  • Take personal responsibility for our learning and development
  • Undergo structured specialised and leadership training, sharing sessions and learning journeys
  • Apply for internal job postings to take on different areas of work within IRAS
  • Volunteer in cross-divisional committees and corporate projects

We are given opportunities to:     

  • Achieve peaks of excellence in respective areas of work
  • Take on dual appointments within IRAS
  • Be attached/ seconded to local and foreign organisations
  • Grow our career under the management track or specialist track as Accredited Tax Specialists and Master Tax Specialists