e-Submission of Commission

Organisations participating in e-Submission of Commission Income submit the commission information of their commission earners (individual and non-individual) to IRAS electronically. The submitted commission information will be pre-filled in the individual commission earners' electronic tax returns, simplifying their tax filing when they log in to file.

For Who

Organisations that pay commission to persons (including non-individuals) other than their employees are encouraged to submit the commission information to IRAS electronically via e-Submission of Commission by 1 Mar each year. IRAS may also issue notices to organisations requiring them to submit commission information electronically. 

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When and How to Submit File

Start submitting from 2 Jan. The due date is on 1 Mar every year. Organisations are encouraged to submit early so that the commission earners can view their commission information when they log in to file their tax return.


For other details on e-Submission of Commission, refer to our FAQs (PDF, 184 KB).