Submit Commission Records

IRAS provides free software for commission-paying organisations to submit commission records to IRAS electronically.   

Prepare and Submit Commission Records

Organisations may use the following modes to submit the Commission Records to IRAS electronically. An acknowledgement page will be displayed upon successful submission via myTax portal and API users will also receive an acknowledgement email.

Submit with Customised Software

SN Software Description Software/ Guides
'Submission of Commission Records (Corppass)' Application Programming Interface (API)

This is a web-based API service for software developers and commission-paying organisations. It allows them to incorporate within their software the feature that validates and submits commission information to IRAS directly.

In order to subscribe to this API service, software developers will need to:

  • Develop/ make system changes to incorporate the feature to validate and submit the required information based on IRAS' API specifications.
  • Register and subscribe to API in Sandbox Portal.
  • Perform and pass the Sandbox validation test before the subscription to the API can be approved.
  • Subscribe to the API at Production Portal.

API Specifications (PDF, 291KB)

Submission of Commission Records (Corppass) Sandbox Testing Guide (PDF, 252KB)


Submit without Customised Software

SN Software Description Software/ Guides


Submit Commission Records at myTax Portal (Online Application)

The Online Application allows organisations to submit their commission earners' information via myTax Portal without downloading any application.

It is suitable for organisations who:

  • Do not have a compatible customized software to generate a file in accordance to IRAS' file specification.
  • Has less than 500 commission earners' records for each submission. 


Log in to myTax Portal, under the 'More' tab, select 'Submit Commission Records'.



Submit Commission Records at myTax Portal (Online Application) (PDF, 1.61MB)

File Format - Import Excel (PDF, 451KB)