All self-employed partners of a partnership including the precedent partner must file Form B/B1 and report their share of the partnership income as part of their total personal income in Form B/B1.

Tax Treatment of Business Income

Business income is income derived from carrying on a trade, business, profession, or a vocation.

Business income is taxable in the sole-proprietor's, partner's, or self-employed person's name. The sole-proprietor, partner, or self-employed person who receives this income has to report the income in his individual income tax return.

The business income is added to all other personal income. The total is then subject to personal income tax rates.

Reporting for Self-Employed Partners

Self-employed partners are required to report in the Individual Income Tax Return (Form B or Form B1) their:

  1. Share of partnership profit/loss; and
  2. Salary, bonus, CPF, and other benefits from the partnership.

Please check with your precedent partner on your share of income from the partnership. To determine if you are a partner that is employed or self-employed, please refer to Am I a Self-Employed Person.

Not declaring or under-declaring your partnership income is an omission which may render you liable for penalties under the law.

Completing Form B

Report your share of partnership profit/loss and your salary, bonus, CPF, and other benefits from partnership in the 'Trade, Business, Profession, or Vocation' section under 'Partnership 1'.

If you are a partner of more than one partnership, you should report the income in Appendix 1.

Completing Form B1

Include your total income from the partnership in the 'Other Income' section and give the details of the income in Appendix 1.

Other Sources of Income

Report your income from all sources (for example: sole-proprietorship business, employment, rent, other income from property, royalty, charge, estate/trust income) in the relevant sections of the Individual Income Tax Return (Form B or Form B1).

Filing Form B/B1 for Self-Employed Partners

Modes of Filing

  1. e-Filing via myTax Portal
  2. Paper filing

Filing Due Dates

Mode of FilingOriginal Filing Deadline
e-Filing18 Apr 2022
Paper Filing15 Apr 2022

Guides and Tips on Filing