InteReq is a subscription-based service for law firms and legal professionals to conduct searches on property, and request for Statement of Accounts (SOA).

InteReq Services

Subscribers may use the service to search:

  • Name of the property owner as shown in the Valuation List ;
  • The Annual Value ; and
  • Any outstanding Property Tax on the property.

InteReq charges a fee of $40 for each property enquiry.

Tips on Using InteReq

1. Use the Correct and Authorised Property Address

Please ensure that you use the correct and authorised property address when making the search with IRAS.

If the property is a three-storey block allotted with the house numbers 5, 5A, 5B Adam Street, make a search on '5, 5A and 5B Adam Street' respectively and not '5 Adam Street'.

There may be properties which have been re-configured and re-numbered before they are reassessed, thus a search based on the new number might yield misleading results.


2. Use the Property Tax Reference No.

To ensure that the search is carried out on the property that your client intends to buy, search using the Property Tax Reference No. of the property which can be obtained from the existing owner.


3. Access the Latest Statement of Accounts within 93 days

Law firms may request a Statement of Account (SOA) via InteReq system if they are subscribers.

Once a  legal requisition is filed on the property, law firms authorised by the property owners or interested parties can access the latest statement of accounts within 93 days from the date when legal requisition was filed.

InteReq Service Provider

For more information on InteReq, please contact CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd at:

31, Science Park Road
The Crimson
Singapore 117611
Tel: +65 6887 7888
Fax: +65 6778 5277
Email: [email protected]
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