Frequently Asked Questions (Technical Issues)




1)  Why can't I see the "Employers" tab when I login to myTax Portal?

This is because you have either:

  • logged in to your personal income tax matter at myTax Portal login page using only your SingPass or
  • you have not been authorised to use the Submission of Employment Income Records e-Service. Please refer to the User guide to complete authorisation (PDF, 1.01MB) for details.

2) I encountered an error message "Unable to launch application" when downloading/ launching the AIS software.

3) I encountered an error message "Expected ';'" when downloading/ launching the AIS software.

This could be due to a firewall which blocks the downloading of Java files.

Follow the steps below to check if a sample Java file can be downloaded:

4) What should I do if I cannot download Java Runtime Environment (JRE)?

You may have selected an incompatible JRE to download. There are various Java installation file to cater for different operating system.

Please check with your IT department on the type of operating system you are using and download the relevant Java installation file.

5) I have downloaded the AIS software but there is no shortcut icon created on my desktop. How do I launch the software?

Go to "Start" > “All Apps” > Look for “IRAS”.

6) Why is it that I cannot see some parts of the AIS software used on my screen?

It may be due to your screen resolution settings. Using a small screen resolution (e.g. 800x600) will cause distortions on the screen. The recommended screen resolution is 1024x768 with 100% font size setting.

7) How do I uninstall the AIS software?

Please refer to Guide to Uninstall AIS Software (PDF, 616KB).

8) Why can't I upload the ".iras" file at the Upload Data File for Employment Income page?

Please ensure that you have selected the correct filename shown at Step 1 of the Upload Data File for Employment Income Page.

9) What should I do if I have followed the steps given in the answers to the questions above but still experience errors?  

Email the following details to

  1. Date and time you encountered problems;
  2. The operating system you are using (e.g. Microsoft Windows 10, macOS High Sierra, etc.)
  3. The browser type and version number (e.g. Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100, etc.)
  4. The error messages you encountered or the screenshot of the errors encountered (if available)

Alternatively, you may contact us on 1800 356 8015, from 8am to 5 pm, from Mon to Fri (excluding Public Holidays) for assistance.

10) The printout for the IR8A form did not fit into one page and/ or there are some texts appearing in the header/ footer of my printouts. What can I do?

Customised browser settings may cause some users to encounter issues with printing IR8A forms and appendices when using Submit Employment Income Records at myTax Portal (Online Application). Please refer to our Guide to Fit an IR8A Form or Appendix Printout into One Page (PDF, 1.31MB).