AIS employers are required to submit their employees' employment income information to IRAS electronically by 1 Mar each year. Late submission may lead to a fine of up to $5,000. 

Learn about the various ways employers can submit the employment income records to IRAS electronically.

Submit with payroll software (API)

IRAS partners payroll software vendors to facilitate employers' preparation and submission of the employment income information. You are strongly encouraged to use payroll software integrated with the AIS Application Programming Interface (API) Service provided by the AIS payroll software vendors to conveniently and efficiently submit records to IRAS directly.

Submission via payroll software (API)

Submission modeDescriptionGuide

Payroll software with AIS API Service

It is suitable for employers who:

  • use payroll software to manage their employment income information;
  • wish to submit their records to IRAS conveniently and efficiently.
Check with your vendor on steps to submit using the payroll software.

If your company is using an in-house payroll system/ software and interested to make submissions via API, refer to the technical file format/specifications to assess whether your payroll system/ software meets the requirements for API integration. Following your assessment, you may register your interest with IRAS via this form to kick-start the API onboarding process. 


List of AIS payroll software vendors

View list of AIS payroll software vendors for YA 2024 submissions (PDF, 340KB).

The list of payroll software vendors whose software can support the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) for employment income for the upcoming Year of Assessment (YA) is updated from Oct to Dec each year.

You should also evaluate the controls the software has when selecting your payroll software. View our list of recommended controls for payroll software (PDF, 142KB). 

IRAS only validates the technical file format/specifications to ensure that AIS submissions made through the software provided by AIS payroll software vendors can be accepted by IRAS' system. Being an AIS payroll software vendor is not an endorsement by IRAS.
IRAS is not liable for any losses or damages, loss of income, profit or savings, or indirect, incidental, special, or consequential or punitive damages arising from or in connection with the use of any of the payroll software purchased from the AIS payroll software vendors.

Payroll software support for SMEs

SMEs are strongly encouraged to adopt on of the payroll software under the SMEs Go Digital (SGD) programme by tapping on the support from the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) and/ or Start Digital Pack available now. Refer to the IMDA website for more information.

In the list of AIS payroll software vendors, those who have integrated digital solutions pre-approved under the SGD programme are indicated with a caret (^), while vendors participating under Start Digital are indicated with a hash (#).

Other submission methods

You can submit employment income information directly via IRAS’ online digital service at myTax Portal, or the Provident and Tax (PAT) system managed by CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd.

Submission via myTax Portal or PAT system

Submission modeDescriptionAccess via/ guides

Submit Employment Income Records at myTax Portal (online application)

It is suitable for employers who:

  • do not use payroll software to manage their employment income information;
  • have to make amendments to submitted records; or
  • have registered for the CPF Data Link-up Service.


Log in to myTax Portal, under the Employers tab, select ‘Submit Employment Income Records’.



IR8A Import Template (XLSX, 66KB) (For Submit Employment Income Records - Import From Template)

Troubleshooting Guide on IR8A Import Template (PDF, 179KB)


User guide

Submitting Employment Income Records at myTax Portal (Online Application) (PDF, 1.15MB)

Quick guide to prepare and submit for AIS at myTax Portal (Online Application) (PDF, 609KB)

Provident and Tax (PAT) system

Provident and Tax (PAT) system is a web-based system developed and managed by CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd, that supports e-Submission of Employment Income.

If you would like to subscribe to PAT system, you may contact CrimsonLogic directly:

Check with CrimsonLogic on steps for submission via the PAT system.

View your submission status

Employers can log in to  myTax Portal to view the submissions status and PAT users can check the status with CrimsonLogic.


Will other authorised staff or third party be able to see my submitted records at myTax Portal?

Details of the records submitted via payroll software (API) will not be displayed at myTax Portal. Only the submission date and time will be shown.

For records submitted via Submit Employment Income Records at myTax Portal, only authorised staff or third party can view the details.

What should I do with the fields in myTax Portal under Submit Employment Income Records (online application) that do not accept decimals?

For fields that do not accept decimals:

  1. Round-down to the nearest dollar for income fields (e.g. Salary, Bonus, Director's Fees, etc.);
  2. Round-up to the nearest dollar for deduction fields (e.g. Employees compulsory CPF contribution, Donations, etc.).

What is the maximum number of records I can enter in the Submit Employment Income Records at myTax Portal (online application)?

You can enter up to 200 records per submission.

If you have more than 200 records to submit, you can make more than 1 submission, with each submission limited to 200 records only.

What should I do if I encounter a page error in myTax Portal during submission?

Only employees or third party authorised as an ‘Approver’ via Corppass for 'Submission of Employment Income Records' digital service can submit the income information to IRAS via myTax Portal.

You can get the company's Corppass Admin to authorise yourself, an employee or a third party as an ‘Approver’ via the Corppass system. For details on the steps, refer to User Guide to complete the authorisation (PDF, 759KB).

If you are the ‘Approver’ and still encounter the page error, email the following details to [email protected]

  1. Date and time you encounter the problem
  2. Operation system that you are using (e.g. Microsoft Windows 10, macOS High Sierra)
  3. Internet Browser and version number (e.g. Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100)
  4. Error message or screenshot of the error encountered (if available)

Are the payroll software of AIS payroll software vendors approved by IRAS?

No. AIS payroll software vendors are not endorsed by IRAS. It only means that AIS submissions made through their software can be accepted by IRAS’ system.