Vendors Supporting AIS Employers' Submission

Payroll software vendors may support the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) for Employment Income by developing payroll software to facilitate AIS employers' preparation and submission of their employees' income records.

Payroll Software for AIS Submission

The payroll software should be able to:

Find out more about the technical file format/ specifications for file generation and the API.

How to be listed as a Supporting Payroll Vendor for AIS

All supporting payroll software vendors who wish to be listed for a particular Year of Assessment (YA) have to submit a declaration form, and may be required to pass a File Validation Test/ API Sandbox Testing. We will contact you on the testing process after receiving your completed declaration form.

If you are a payroll software vendor and wish to support the AIS for Employment Income for the first time, please email your request to by 30 Sep.

Timeline to be listed for YA 2018 submission:

Request Due Date  Testing Period Website Listing Period
30 Sep 2017      Sep 2017 - Nov 2017     Jan 2018 - Dec 2018 


Annual Declaration for Payroll Software Vendors

All payroll software vendors need to submit a Declaration Form (169 KB) to by 30 Sep annually to ensure that their payroll software supports IRAS' format.

Those who do not submit the completed form by the due date or who fail the File Validation Test and/ or Sandbox Testing will not be included in IRAS’ list of supporting payroll software vendors for AIS.

List of Supporting Payroll Software Vendors for AIS

A list of payroll software vendors whose software can support the AIS for Employment Income for the YA will be updated weekly throughout the testing period.

The list is also published for employers' reference. Please note that when employers select payroll software, they should also evaluate the controls the software have against the List of Controls for Payroll Software (176 KB).

IRAS will not be liable for any losses or damages, loss of income, profit or savings, or indirect, incidental, special, or consequential or punitive damages arising from or in connection with the use of any of the payroll software purchased from the list of vendors.

File Validation Test/ API Sandbox Testing

The File Validation Test (for TXT/ XML format) and/ or Sandbox Testing (for API format) are held between Sep to Nov to ensure that your payroll software complies to IRAS’ technical file format/ specifications. You must return the completed Declaration Form before we can start the testing process with you.

Payroll vendors are required to participate in the test if:

  • You are supporting the AIS for Employment Income for the first time;
  • You are an existing supporting vendor who had made changes to the software since your last declaration; or
  • There are changes to the file format with effect from the next YA. 

Please note that IRAS only validates the format of the TXT/ XML file generated from the payroll software and/ or the API format of the employment income information submitted, to ensure that it can be accepted by IRAS' system. IRAS do not validate the payroll software itself.

The following guides and test scenarios* for YA 2018 submission are available for download. Refer to our email for more information.

S/NGuides/ Test Scenarios DescriptionLast Updated
1File Validation Test Guide (179 KB)N.A.Sep 2017
2API Sandbox Testing Guide (187 KB)N.A.Sep 2017
3Scenario 1 (207 KB)IR8A Sep 2017
4Scenario 2 (207 KB)IR8A, IR8SSep 2017
5Scenario 3 (317 KB)IR8A, Appendix 8ASep 2017
6Scenario 4 (329 KB)IR8A, Appendix 8BSep 2017
7Scenario 5 (415 KB)IR8A, IR8S, Appendix 8ASep 2017
8Scenario 6 (427 KB)IR8A, IR8S, Appendix 8BSep 2017
9 Scenario 7 (434 KB)IR8A, Appendix 8A, Appendix 8BSep 2017
10 Scenario 8 (537 KB)IR8A, IR8S, Appendix 8A, Appendix 8BSep 2017


*The values in the scenario are fictitious and are solely meant for the purpose of the File Validation Test/ Sandbox Testing. The values in the scenario are NOT to be used as a reference for any computation purposes (e.g. CPF computation).


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