Vendors Supporting AIS Employers' Submission

Payroll software vendors may support the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) for Employment Income by developing payroll software to facilitate AIS employers' preparation and submission of their employees' income records.

Payroll Software for AIS Submission

Payroll software supporting AIS submissions will be able to:

List of Supporting Payroll Software Vendors for AIS

A list of payroll software vendors whose software can support the AIS for Employment Income for the upcoming Year of Assessment (YA) will be updated periodically during Oct to Dec each year.

Please note that employers should also evaluate the controls the software have against the List of Recommended Controls for Payroll Software (PDF, 316KB) when selecting payroll software.

IRAS only validates the technical file format/ specifications to ensure that AIS submissions made through the payroll software can be accepted by IRAS' system. IRAS does not validate nor approve the payroll software of the supporting payroll software vendor.

IRAS will not be liable for any losses or damages, loss of income, profit or savings, or indirect, incidental, special, or consequential or punitive damages arising from or in connection with the use of any of the payroll software purchased from the list of vendors.

How to be listed as a Supporting Payroll Vendor for AIS

Supporting payroll software vendors’ software must be able to support AIS submissions via API with effect from YA 2023 submissions. Payroll vendors who wish to be listed as a supporting vendor will have to participate in the annual Validation Test conducted during Oct to Nov each year.

If you are a payroll software vendor and wish to support the AIS for Employment Income for the first time, please email your request to by 31 Oct. 

Timeline to be listed for YA 2021 submission:

 Validation Test PeriodWebsite Listing Period 
 Oct - Nov 2020 Jan - Dec 2021


Annual Validation Test

All supporting payroll software vendors must complete a Validation Test from Oct to Nov each year to ensure that your payroll software complies to IRAS’ technical file format/ specifications

IRAS will notify payroll vendors of the details for the Validation test in Sep each year, payroll vendors will be required to perform a self-verification exercise to ensure that your payroll software is able to generate and output values according to the sample scenarios provided. You will need to return IRAS with the following items by 30 Nov:

  1. A completed Self-Verification Checklist, and 
  2. Test files or Submission Reference No. submitted to API Sandbox

IRAS may conduct random checks on the submitted test file(s) to verify your Validation Test results. If the submitted test file(s) are found to have failed the Validation Test, IRAS reserves the right to not list you as a supporting payroll software vendor.

The Validation Test guide, test scenarios* and expected output files for YA 2021 are available below. Payroll vendors are only required to complete the Validation Test for 1 scenario based on the corresponding form(s) supported by your payroll software.

Guides/ Test Scenarios DescriptionLast Updated
Validation Test Guide (PDF, 206KB)N.A.Sep 2020
Scenario 1 (ZIP, 71KB)IR8A Jul 2020
Scenario 2 (ZIP, 157KB)IR8A, IR8SJul 2020
Scenario 3 (ZIP, 106KB)IR8A, Appendix 8AJul 2020
Scenario 4 (ZIP, 172KB)IR8A, Appendix 8BJul 2020
Scenario 5 (ZIP, 193KB)IR8A, IR8S, Appendix 8AJul 2020
Scenario 6 (ZIP, 259KB)IR8A, IR8S, Appendix 8BJul 2020
Scenario 7 (ZIP, 207KB)IR8A, Appendix 8A, Appendix 8BJul 2020
Scenario 8 (ZIP, 294KB)IR8A, IR8S, Appendix 8A, Appendix 8BJul 2020

*The values in the scenario are fictitious and are solely meant for the purpose of the Validation Test. The values in the scenario are NOT to be used as a reference for any computation purposes (e.g. CPF computation).

  • When am I required to participate in the Validation Test?

    The testing period is between Oct to Nov each year for payroll software vendors. You will be notified to participate in the validation test if you have submitted a participation request email to IRAS by 31 Oct. 

    If there are subsequent changes made to your payroll software post the publishing of your company name in our listing, you are required to inform IRAS via email to, and complete the Validation Test again.

  • When will IRAS publish my company name if I have completed the Validation Test?

    The list of supporting payroll software vendors for the upcoming YA will be updated periodically throughout Oct to Nov each year. Payroll vendors are required to inform IRAS if there are subsequent changes to their payroll software systems or contact information once their names have been published. IRAS reserves the right to remove any payroll vendor from the list without notification.

  • Does publishing of payroll software vendor's name means that the payroll software is approved by IRAS?

    No, publishing of payroll software vendor’s name only means that the file format(s) generated by the payroll software is/ are acceptable by IRAS.