Getting it right

  • The IRAS Voluntary Disclosure Programme (VDP) aims to encourage taxpayers that have made errors in their tax returns to voluntarily come forward to correct their errors. IRAS is prepared to reduce penalties for voluntary disclosures which meet the qualifying conditions.


  • Audits involve reviewing your income generating activities to ensure that the information in the tax return provided to us is accurate. The audits are conducted to assess the likelihood of risk. Being selected for an audit does not necessarily mean that you have made a mistake.

  • IRAS recognises the importance of accounting software in helping businesses comply with their tax obligations. 

    To help you meet your tax obligations, the IRAS’ Accounting Software Register lists the accounting software that are able to meet IRAS’ technical requirements. The owners of the software listed below have provided written declaration to IRAS that their software is compliant with the technical requirements set out in the e-Tax Guide: Guide on Accounting Software for Software Developers (ZIP, 1070KB).