We offer exciting internship opportunities for students, that will hone your skill sets for the future. You will get insights into IRAS' work, discover tax administration in a variety of functions (provided below) and uncover career possibilities.

Indicate your interest via the "Apply Now" button below, or via your university/polytechnic careers office or portals.


Keen to experience providing quality taxpayer service and assistance to taxpayers in areas such as tax practices, application of tax laws and assessments? Does the opportunity to develop proposals to improve customer-facing work processes and service also appeal to you?

If you are considering a career in service leadership or communications and/or would like to gain insights on Singapore's tax system as well as experience using digital tools in customer service operations, this stint is for you!

We welcome undergraduates across all disciplines and will provide ~1 week training on basic income tax and/or property tax, operational procedures and call handling techniques. You will help to directly liaise with taxpayers, benefitting from guided on-the-job training.

We can customize the internship duration based on your availability. A commitment period of 10-24 weeks would be ideal.


Interested in hands-on valuation work? Would you like to assist with property tax assessment including data preparations, market rental analysis, site inspection(s) as necessary and propose annual values? There are also opportunities to do projects including studies to develop valuation models or stamp-duty related areas such as improving user experience on IT system interfaces and assisting with enhancing strategic processes to support policy implementation.

If you would like to experience valuation work as a potential career or have an ongoing interest in valuation cases and modelling, or more generally in property market developments, apply for this stint!

We welcome real estate undergraduates to apply, as well as those who have a general interest in how IRAS administers property tax or stamp duty. There will be on-the-job guidance and you can harness various opportunities, depending on your interest.

We can customize the internship duration based on your availability. A commitment period of 10-24 weeks would be ideal.


Ever wondered about IRAS' key transformation programmes and initiatives? Interested in the application of digital tools or technologies to enhance workplace productivity and processes to contribute in areas such as strategic planning, organizational excellence and communications, HR and capability development? Depending on the event calendar, there are also opportunities to design and execute corporate events such as IRAS' Learning & Innovation Festival encouraging organization-wide innovation and involvement.

If you would like to experience strategic planning in a dynamic work environment, get insights on how key initiatives or programmes are formulated, gestated and implemented and enjoy collaborative work, join us! This will equip you for a future career in policy-related work.

We welcome undergraduates across all disciplines who have an interest in corporate strategic planning, organizing projects or events or a future career in policy-related work.

Internship opportunities, ranging from 10-24 weeks, are available from May each year.



At IRAS, we aim to be a leading tax agency known for our efficient services, expertise and integrity. 

We are looking for committed team players to co-develop the next generation of ICT systems that improve how millions of taxpayers connect and interact with us.

By being part of our internship programme, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how IRAS applies technology by participating in an agile development team;
  • Gain experience in the considerations behind developing high-quality enterprise-grade systems that are secure and robust;
  • Build on a wide spectrum of core technology skills, which may include microservices, DevSecOps and cloud usage; and
  • Experience IRAS' work environment and culture first-hand.

We welcome all computer science/infocomm undergraduates to apply.             


Do you enjoy working with data? Thinking of a career involving advanced analytics? This stint involves the end-to-end process - gathering requirements, designing modeling approach(es), preparing data, modeling and model result presentation. There are currently 2 projects

1) Tax Compliance Risks

You will conduct research into emerging tax compliance risks (including data analysis, developing proposals etc.) which will support ongoing reviews or studies

2) Review of Compliance Policy

You will help to propose initiatives and design outreach collaterals with the objective to build a socially responsible taxpaying community.

We welcome undergraduates across various disciplines, including but not limited to business analytics, statistics or information systems. Depending on the project you are interested in, you may also read up/be prepared to use analytics tools, programming language and analytics techniques, such as

Tools/programme language (depending on project scope)

-SAS/SQL Programming

-SAS Enterprise Guide, Enterprise Miner


-R, Python, Excel VBA

Analytics Techniques (depending on project scope)

-Segmentation, Predictive Analytics

-Text mining, visual analytics, forecasting etc.

Internship opportunities, ranging from 12-22 weeks, are available from Apr-Aug each year.


If you have an interest in design thinking, this is a chance to apply your skills and insights to tax administration! We will arrange for you to help review research and lead 1-2 design thinking projects/design sprints to improve the effectiveness of IRAS' programmes. This could entail conducting workshops and preparing engagement and training materials to promote human-centered mindsets and corporate culture. There are also ongoing behavioural economic studies projects that you could contribute to!

We can customize the internship duration based on your availability. A committed period of 10-24 weeks would be ideal.


Are you considering a career in Corporate Services? The size and scope of work in IRAS' team will offer development opportunities. Partner our internal and external stakeholders to deliver organisational effectiveness through the administration of government tax revenue and payouts, optimal use of IRAS' financial and physical resources and providing a safe and conducive work environment.

If you would like to gain practical skills and be involved in digital transformation projects with a strong cost and efficiency focus, join us! You will be attached to different teams and be exposed to Finance, Procurement and Building Management portfolios over 8-10 weeks as we aim to give you a diverse yet rich experience in corporate and project work. Currently, available projects include:

- Robotic Automation in tax collection and refund processes

- Feasibility study on using non-traditional cross border financial instruments for tax refunds

- Service design projects to drive e-Payments

We welcome undergraduates across various disciplines, including but not limited to accountancy, building management, procurement, business analytics, statistics or information systems.   


Hear from our intern!

Jiong Yi

Jiong Yi |
Infocomm Specialist at IRAS

During my internship with IRAS, I was part of the infocomm team that developed a tech system to facilitate country-by-country reporting of tax information across our bilateral partner jurisdictions. The project involved understanding the international tax environment and mitigating any possible business impact resulting from information exchange policy and system works.

Today, I am an Infocomm Specialist and we are working to leverage new technologies such as Microservices and Cloud to enhance the tax filing and payment experience. Due to the scale of tax services and projects, collaborations with various industry players, government agencies and stakeholders are an integral part of my job. What I find exciting in my job is that we are pursuing innovation and experimentation, and we are doing things that will eventually be applied as we create the next generation of IRAS’ IT systems.