Tax Filing for Employees of AIS Employers

AIS employers have to submit the employment income information of their employees to IRAS electronically. When employees of AIS employers file their tax returns, they do not need to include this submitted information again.

How to Check if Your Employer is an AIS Employer

You may use the AIS Organisation Search to check if your employer:

  1. Is in the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS); and
  2. has submitted for Year of Assessment (YA) 2021.

If your employer is in AIS and has yet to submit the information to IRAS for YA 2021, please inform your employer to do so immediately. They should refer to the AIS webpage for details on the preparation and submission of information to IRAS.

Tax Filing for Employees of AIS Employers

Although your employer is in AIS, you must still file your tax return if you: 

  1. Have received a notification (e.g. Singpass letter, Singpass Foreign user Account (SFA) mailer, tax form of SMS) from IRAS informing you to file your  tax return; or
  2. Have other income to declare or want to indicate your claims for personal reliefs, where applicable.

When filing your tax return, you:

  1. Should not manually include employment income and deductions (made through your salary) in the tax return. Based on the information submitted by your AIS employer, these details will be reflected in the Income Deduction Relief Statement (IDRS) when you file your tax returns via myTax Portal.

    If the details are not shown in the IDRS and your employer is in the AIS:

    If you are filing your tax return via myTax Portal

    Click on the box under "Employment" in Section A of the main Tax Form Income Page.

    If you are filing paper return

    Enter '0' for your employment income and deductions (made through your salary) and proceed to file.

    Your employment income and deduction information will be automatically included in your income tax assessment when we receive the information from your employer.

  2. Should include any other income.
  3. Should indicate your claims for personal reliefs where applicable.
  • My employer is in AIS but I have mistakenly submitted my employment income and deductions to IRAS when filing my tax return. What should I do?

    If you have submitted the income information via e-filing, you can re-file within 7 days New from the date of submission or by 18 Apr, whichever is earlier.

     If you are unable to do so, please email us or contact us on 1800 356 8300.

  • I was employed under two employers during the year. However, only one employer is in the AIS. How should I file my tax return?

    You have to manually include the employment income and deductions made through salary (e.g. CDAC or Mendaki) for the employer that is not participating in the AIS when filing your tax return.