Buying or Acquiring Property

What is the Duty that I need to pay as a Buyer or Transferee of a Property? 

BSD rates of up to 3% is applicable to acquisition of non-residential properties. 

For residential properties, BSD rates of up to 4% are chargeable. ABSD of up to 30% may also be applicable.

For the definition of residential properties, click here.

All buyers/ transferees (i.e. individuals, entities, housing developers) of residential properties are required* to fill in an ABSD Declaration Form (PDF, 111KB) to be witnessed by their lawyers (if applicable). The form must be retained and submitted to IRAS only upon request.

*Prior to 6 Jul 2018, the completion of the form is only mandatory for individual buyers/ transferees. With effect from 6 Jul 2018, buyers/ transferees who are entities are also required to complete the declaration form.