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1. How to Stamp Lease or Tenancy Agreement?

Please refer to our  Lease / Tenancy Stamping guide (PDF, 1353KB) for the instructions.

2. How to Submit Stamp Certificate Amendment Request?

Please refer to our Amendment Request guide (PDF, 756KB) for the instructions.

3. How to download Stamp Certificate?

Please refer to our Download Stamp Certificate guide (PDF, 1079 KB) for the instructions

4. How to retrieve, submit or delete the Draft e-Stamping record which was saved earlier?

Please refer to our How to Retrieve, Submit or Delete Draft e-Stamping Records guide (PDF, 1706KB) for the instructions.

5. How do I pay my stamp duty using AXS?

Please refer to our AXS Payment guide (PDF, 1759 KB) for the instructions.

6. How do I pay my stamp duty via FAST?

Please refer to our FAST Payment guide (PDF, 1118 KB) for the instructions.

7. How do I apply for ABSD Refund for married couple?

Please refer to our ABSD Remission Application guide (PDF, 1014  KB) when the remission conditions are satisfied.

8. How do I apply for refund of duplicated stamping?

Please refer to our Double Stamping Refund Application guide (PDF, 769 KB).