Looking for help on the new e-Stamping portal? Please refer to the resources below.

1. Overview on new e-Stamping Portal

Watch this short video to learn about the new features of the e-Stamping Portal!

2. PDF guides [New!]

3. Video guides [New!]

Please click the video guides below for instructions on commonly used stamping features.

Tip: You can use the playback speed function to slow down or speed up the video for your convenience. Do this by clicking the 3 dots on the right-hand corner of the video, followed by “Playback speed”. You can then select your preferred speed.


4. Webinars

Missed our pre-launch and post-launch webinars on how to navigate the new e-Stamping Portal? You can refer to the slides below:


Have any questions that aren’t covered by the above resources? You can check out our list of FAQs compiled from users like yourself.