Declaration Forms

  1. ABSD Declaration Form (PDF, 200KB)
  2. SSD for Residential Property (PDF, 77KB)
  3. SSD Declaration Form for Industrial Properties (PDF, 84KB)

ABSD Remission Application Forms

ABSD Transitional Remission

Apply via FormSG link

<> (for SingPass users) or 

<> (for CorpPass users)

For applicants who declared in the application form that there are 4 or more Buyers or Sellers, please click the links below to download the excel template which is to be completed and uploaded with the FormSG submission.

Letter of Undertaking

  1. Developers for Development of Four or Less Residential Units (PDF, 471KB)
  2. Developers for Development of Five or More Residential Units (PDF, 471KB)

Application Forms

  1. Stamp Duty GIRO Application Form (PDF, 282KB)
  2. For application of Refund, please refer to How to Claim Refunds.
  3. For application of Stamp Certificate Amendment, please refer to Amending Stamp Certificate.

Requisition Forms (for use at Service Bureaus)

TypeRequisition Forms (for use at Service Bureaus)

Sale & Purchase/ Transfer

Form E1A - Buyer's stamp duty (and ABSD, if applicable) for documents dated before 20 Feb 2018 (PDF, 53KB)

Form E1AA - Buyer's stamp duty (and ABSD, if applicable) for documents dated on or after 20 Feb 2018 (PDF, 194KB)

Form E1C - Seller's stamp duty (PDF, 48KB)


Form E3A - New Lease for documents dated before 20 Feb 2018 (PDF, 80KB)

Form E3AA - New Lease for documents dated on or after 20 Feb 2018 (PDF, 70KB)

Form E3B - Surrender of lease (PDF, 42KB)

Form E3C- Assignment of lease between owners (PDF, 42KB)

Form E3D - Novation/ Assignment of lease between tenants (PDF, 50KB)

Form E3E - Variation of lease (PDF, 54KB)


Form E2A - Mortgage (PDF, 55KB)

Form E2B - Transfer of Mortgage (PDF, 55KB)

Form E2C- Equitable Mortgage (PDF, 55KB)

Share Transfer

Form E4A - Share Transfer (PDF, 48KB)

Worksheet D (Form E4A) - Private company with issued ordinary shares (PDF, 67KB)

Worksheet E (Form E4A) - Private company with preference shares) (PDF, 60KB)