Property Professionals

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Check Annual Value of Property 

 This e-Service is mobile-optimised

For Members of Public

Find out the annual value and the name(s) of owner(s) of property.

A fee of $2.50 (inclusive of GST) will be charged for each successful enquiry. You can search up to 25 property records per transaction.

SingPass login is not required.

  1. Your property address or property tax reference number 


15 minutes 


The results will be displayed immediately after payment is successful.



Update Property Ownership    (previously known as e-Notice of Transfer)

For Authorised Lawyers/ Law Firm Clerks

File a Notice of Transfer to inform IRAS on the change of ownership(s) of property.

  1. Your organisation tax reference number, CorpPass ID and CorpPass Password
  2. Particulars of the property
  3. Particulars of the transferor(s)
  4. Particulars of the transfer
  5. Particulars of the sale
  6. Particulars of the transferee(s)
  7. Particulars of the subsale (if any)



35 minutes


Most ownership records are updated within a month.

User Guide (PDF, 1.06MB)