This page provides information on how you, as a tax agent, can manage your client's income tax matters via myTax Portal

Initiative to manage your individual client's income tax matters via myTax Portal

IRAS has introduced an initiative allowing individual taxpayers to authorise their tax agents to access their myTax Portal accounts using an Authorisation Code.

This enables tax agent to perform e-Transactions with IRAS and access various digital services on behalf of their clients, using their Singpass ID and Authorisation Code.

List of available individual income tax-related digital services

 Filing matters

  • File Income Tax Return
  • View Filing Status
  • Check Employment Income Status
  • Object to Assessment
  • Transfer Parenthood Tax Rebate (PTR)

 Submit requested information (if applicable)

  • Claim / Revise Child Relief & PTR
  • Revise Duplicate Relief Claim
  • Update Child's Particulars


  • View Individual Notices / Letters

Contact details

  • Update Contact Details (including updating of address for Non-NRIC holders and mobile number)

    Do not replace your client's address and mobile number with that of your firm's unless you have been authorised by your client to receive SMSes, correspondences and notices on their behalf (e.g. Notices of Assessment, tax returns, Authorisation Code mailer and other statutory forms).

To request for an Authorisation Code, please request your client to scan the QR Code or click on the link shown in the table below.

Taxpayer with Singpass AccountTaxpayer without Singpass Account

Log in to Singpass to request. No supporting document is required.

Short link:

QR code - Singpass

Attachment of valid passport is required for this request.

Short link:

QR code - without Singpass

Generally, the processing time for taxpayers using Singpass is about 5 working days while the processing time for taxpayers without Singpass is about 15 working days.

More information on accessing the myTax Portal accounts on behalf of individual clients can be found in the guide (PDF, 907KB).

If a tax agent has been authorised by an individual client/taxpayer to access his myTax Portal account via an IRAS-issued Authorisation Code, the individual client/taxpayer will be deemed as having authorised his tax agent to:

  • Handle his individual income tax matters;
  • Correspond with IRAS on his individual income tax matters through any mode of communication including telephone calls, myTax Mails/ emails, hardcopy letters and in-person meetings.