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1.Election Form for Enhanced Carry-back Relief System - Individuals (Budget 2021) (PDF, 1.38MB) Mar 2021

Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) - Cash Payout Application

From 1 Aug 2016, e-Filing of the PIC Cash Payout application will be compulsory for all PIC Cash Payout applicants (including companies, partnerships and sole-proprietors). Hardcopy applications for PIC Cash Payout will no longer be accepted on or after 1 Aug 2016.

Submit your PIC cash payout application via myTax Portal.

Please refer to our  PIC cash payout application step-by-step guide (PDF, 2.28MB).

Aug 2016
3.Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Cash Payout - Disposal of Qualifying Assets Form (XLS, 34KB) Oct 2013
4.Application for Claim of Handicapped-Related Tax Reliefs (DOC, 243KB)Feb 2021
5.Election Form for Individuals for Carry-Back of Capital Allowances and Trade Losses (PDF, 1.4MB) Oct 2019
6.Specimen Authorisation to Third Party for Income Tax Matters (DOCX, 21KB) Apr 2020
7.Letter of Authorisation (DOC, 33KB) Aug 2019
8.Declaration Form for SRS (PDF, 77.5KB) Oct 2017
9.Notification to IRAS of the Death of the SRS Member & Application for Withdrawal from SRS Account (DOC, 104KB) Nov 2017
10.Application for Penalty-Free Premature Withdrawal of Funds from SRS Account on Medical Grounds (PDF, 76KB)Oct 2017


Application for Penalty-Free Premature Withdrawal of Funds from SRS Account upon Bankruptcy (PDF, 78B)Oct 2017
12.SRS Statement of Contribution/Withdrawal (for tax clearance) (DOC, 80KB) Sep 2017

Application for Certificate of Residence (For Individual Tax Residents only) (XLS, 71KB)

Feb 2021
14.Application for Advance Ruling (DOCX, 120KB) Apr 2019
15.S13(12) Declaration Form (DOC, 128KB) Feb 2012
16.Claim for Deduction under Angel Investors Tax Deduction Scheme (PDF, 106KB) Feb 2019
17.Investment Return Form (PDF, 66.7KB) Jul 2011
18.Master GIRO Application Form (PDF, 689KB) Sep 2021
19.Request for Tax Reassessment from 'Non-Resident' to 'Resident' Status (204KB) Oct 2017
20.Application for Area Representative Status (DOC, 203KB) Sep 2017
21.Application for Not Ordinarily Resident (NOR Scheme) (DOC, 309KB) Sep 2017
22.Application for Resident Status for Public Entertainers (DOC, 215KB) Jun 2020

Tax Treaty Calculator for Personal Services Rendered by Employees (XLS, 269KB)

- To claim tax treaty exemption for dependent personal services rendered in Singapore, please provide the information in the calculator. The Claim Form and Certificate of Residence will be displayed for your completion if you are eligible for tax treaty exemption.

Jul 2018
24.Reply Slip for "Revise Duplicate Relief Claim" (PDF, 41KB) Nov 2021
25.Reply Slip for Parenthood Tax Rebate (PTR) Claims and Apportionment (PDF, 327KB) Feb 2021