BSD, ABSD and SSD remission may be applicable to the transfer of a property resulting from matrimonial proceedings if the remission conditions are met.

Conditions for remission

  1. The transfer
    • is a result of compliance with any order of Court for division of matrimonial assets (e.g. a proceeding for a decree of divorce, judicial separation or nullity of marriage under the law or religion.) or
    • is in consequence of a divorce proceeding
  2. The property to be transferred by a party to the matrimonial proceedings to
    • the other party to the matrimonial proceedings and/or
    • any child or children of the marriage (or former marriage) of  the parties to those proceedings

Link to legislation

Please refer to Stamp Duties (Matrimonial Proceedings) (Remission) Rules for the remission rules.

How to apply

You can e-Stamp via the e-Stamping Portal to obtain the remission certificate.