Integrated Phone Services

Integrated phone services are 24-hour toll-free automated answering services. Simply dial the number you require and follow the instructions to access the services you need.

For overseas callers:

When dialling numbers beginning with "1800", please replace "1800" with our country code "65", followed by "6" and the number you wish to call.

E.g. instead of 1800 XXX XXXX, dial 65 6XXX XXXX.

Helplines Number Services User Guides Operating hours to speak to an officer

Individual Income Tax & Property Tax Helpline 

1800 356 8300
  • Request income tax forms by post
  • Enquiry on Status of Returns, Assessment & Form IR21
  • Appeal for Waiver of Late Payment Penalty/Filing Fee
  • Request extended time to file a tax return
User Guide and Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 274KB) 

FAQs (PDF, 239KB) 

Mon to Fri, 8am-5pm for income tax and property tax matters


Corporate Tax

Local Callers

1800 356 8622

Overseas Callers

(+65) 6356 8622  

Checking for up to three companies on the following:

  • PIC cash payout status
  • Return and assessment status
  • Instalment plan status
  • GIRO status

User Guide and Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 371KB)

FAQs (PDF, 367KB) 

Mon to Fri, 8am-5pm                 
Phone lines may be less busy from 8.30am to 10.30am.

There is usually a surge in call volume during the peak filing period from Oct to Dec. You may experience a waiting time of 15 minutes or longer if you call the Corporate Tax Helpline during this period.

GST 1800 356 8633
  • GST registration status
  • Payment or refund matters


User Guide  (WORD, 180KB) 

FAQs (WORD, 34KB) 

Mon to Fri, 8am-5pm
Enforcement (Payment Compliance) 6356 7012
  • Enquiry on payment matters relating to penalties
  • Enquiries on late/non-payment of tax for your Individual Income Tax, Goods and Services Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Tax Clearance/Employer Deduction Schedule/Employer Clearance, and Property Tax


Mon to Fri, 8am-5pm