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Self-help using our 24 Hour Toll-Free Integrated Phone Services

Simply dial the number listed in our Integrated Phone Services for the services that you require and follow the instructions for self-help.

There are step-by-step instructions to guide you.

For Overseas Callers

When dialling numbers beginning with "1800", please replace "1800" with our country code "65", followed by "6" and the number you wish to call.

  • E.g. instead of 1800 XXX XXXX, dial 65 6XXX XXXX.


If you need to speak to a Tax Officer, please call the relevant helpline numbers:

Individual Income Tax & Property Tax

MediShield Life Premium

Corporate Income Tax/ Employer-related Matters


Appraiser's Licence & House Numbers

Other Taxes

e-Services (myTax Portal/ e-Submission of Employment Income, Donations/Commission)

Enforcement-related Matters

Tax Evasion

General Matters

Quality Service Manager (QSM)

From 3 Sep 2018, customers who wish to enquire on business registration and business advisory matters, please call the relevant helpline numbers:

ACRA Helpdesk: 6248 6028

Enterprise Infoline: 6898 1800

CorpPass Helpdesk: 6643 0577

Individual Income Tax and Property Tax

You can find the answers to some frequently asked questions below:

    Visit Tax Season 2019 -- All You Need to Know to find out more.

    If you wish to visit us, please make an appointment at least 2 working days in advance for shorter wait time. Walk-in without appointment may have to wait for more than 2 hours.

    Helpline Fax
    Salaried Employee

    1800 356 8300 ^

    Chat with us online

    Tax Clearance

    Property Tax

    (For Stamp Duty Enquiry, please click here )

    ^Our peak hours are from 10am to 2.30pm and we receive more calls on Monday & the day after public holidays. Phone lines may be less busy before 10.00am and after 2.30pm.

    * Due to low usage, facsimile services will no longer be available.

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    MediShield Life (MSHL) Premium

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Visit our MSHL webpages to find out more.

    Can't seem to find your answer from our website or e-Services? Call us!

    Late Payment of MediShield Life Premium
    (+65) 6356 7012

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    Corporate Income Tax/ Employer-related Matters

    1. Budget 2020 Updates New!

    (i) Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Rebate for YA 2020
    Companies need not factor in the CIT rebate when filing their ECI for YA 2020 from 1 Mar 2020 as IRAS will compute and allow the rebate automatically.                                                                   

    Companies that have filed their YA 2020 ECIs and received the Notice of Assessment (NOA) that did not take into account the CIT rebate announced in the Budget 2020 should proceed to make payment for the tax payable by the due date. IRAS will issue the revised NOA and tax refunds by May 2020. If the company is paying the tax by instalments, it should also continue with the payment schedule in the original instalment plan. The revised instalment plan will be issued to the company by May 2020. Companies may view their revised NOA at myTax Portal. Find more information here.

    (ii) Automatic Extension of Instalment Plan for Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) 

    Companies that are on GIRO and filed their ECI on time (i.e. within three months from the end of their financial year) (i.e. qualifying companies) will automatically qualify for an additional two months of interest-free instalment, if the ECI is filed as follows:

    a. during the period from 19 Feb 2020 to 31 Dec 2020 (both dates inclusive); or
    b. before 19 Feb 2020 and the company has an ongoing instalment payment to be made in Mar 2020. 

    Qualifying companies who have filed their ECI before 19 Feb 2020 and have ongoing instalment payments to be made in Mar 2020 can expect to receive a letter from IRAS by 5 Mar 2020 on the automatic two months extension of the instalment plan. Companies can also view their revised instalment plan at myTax Portal from 5 Mar 2020. Find more information here.

    2. e-Filing of Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) 

    Companies with financial year ending in Dec 2019 are required to e-File the YA 2020 Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) by 31 Mar 2020 (i.e. within 3 months from the financial year end of 31 Dec 2019), unless the waiver to file ECI applies.

    Before you can e-File the ECI at, you need to be granted with either:
    • "Access to all e-Services" in CorpPass; or
    • "Approver" role for the "Corporate Tax (Filing and Applications)" e-Service in CorpPass.

    For assistance on CorpPass setup, please refer to the following for guidance.

    For Companies
    - CorpPass Step-by-Step Guide for Companies (PDF, 8.59MB)
    - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on CorpPass for Companies (PDF, 297KB)
    - Guide on How to Log In to myTax Portal Using CorpPass (PDF, 973KB)

    Applicable to a company director who is e-Filing for the company
    - CorpPass Simplified Guide for Companies (PDF, 615KB)

    For Tax Agents
    - CorpPass Step-by-Step Guide for Tax Agents (PDF, 9.62MB)
    - FAQs on CorpPass for Tax Agents (PDF, 464KB)

    For Foreign Entities
    - CorpPass Step-by-Step Guide for Foreign Entities (PDF, 9.96MB)

    Login/ e-Filing Issues Encountered at myTax Portal
    Please click here (PDF, 193KB) for a list of common login/ e-Filing issues encountered at myTax Portal.

    Get instant answers from our popular FAQs!

    You can also get immediate answers from Ask Jamie by entering your questions into the Ask Jamie pop-up dialogue at the Corporate Tax webpages.

    Phone lines may be less busy from 8.30am to 10.30am

    myTax Portal (Log-in enquiries) 1800 356 8015
    e-Submission of Employment Income (Technical Enquiries / Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS))
    Chat with us online
    Employees' Remuneration (e.g. Form IR8A) 1800 356 8300

    Wage Credit Scheme (WCS)

    1800 352 4727
    Jobs Support Scheme1800 352 4728

    Other schemes below

    1. Special Employment Credit (SEC)
    2. CPF Transitional Offset Scheme (CTO)
    3. Enabling Employment Credit (EEC)
    4. Skills Future Enterprise Credit (SFEC)
    1800 352 4728
    Late Filing or Failure to File Form C-S/ C
    Late Payment or Non-Payment of Taxes
    (+65) 6356 7012

    Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI)
    Filing of Form C-S/ C

    The e-Filing due date of the YA 2020 Income Tax Return (Form C-S/ C) for companies is 15 Dec 2020. For filing matters relating to sole-proprietorships and partnerships, please refer to Individual Income Tax and Property Tax.  

    Local Callers

    1800 356 8622

    Overseas Callers

    (+65) 6356 8622

    Payment Matters

    e-Filing of Withholding Tax
    (+65) 6356 7012
    Tax Clearance for Foreign Employees 1800 356 8300

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    Withholding Tax
    Helplines Fax
    Withholding Tax on Foreign Professionals / Directors 1800 356 8300

    Withholding Tax on Non-Resident Companies

    Local Callers

    1800 356 8622

    Overseas Callers

    (+65) 6356 8622

    Filing of Withholding Tax Forms / Confirmation of Payment / Enforcement of Section 45 Withholding Tax (+65) 6356 7012

    * Due to low usage, facsimile services will no longer be available.

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    Helplines Fax
    Goods & Services Tax 1800 356 8633

    * Due to low usage, facsimile services will no longer be available.

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    Appraiser's Licence & House Numbers

    Helplines Fax
    Appraiser's Licence (+65) 6351 2465
    House Numbers (+65) 6351 2464/ 2442

    * Due to low usage, facsimile services will no longer be available.

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    Other Taxes

    Helplines Fax
    Stamp Duties