Filing your taxes

  • Filing for the Year of Assessment (YA) 2021 begins on 1 Mar 2021.
    If you need to submit an income tax return, please do so by the following dates.

    e-Filing:           18 Apr 2021
    Paper Filing:    15 Apr 2021      

    To e-File your tax return, log in to myTax Portal using your SingPass 2FA or IRAS Unique Account (IUA). 

    You can file your income tax return either via mobile phone or desktop.

  • Self-employed persons, sole-proprietors and partners must file their annual tax return if they received a notification from IRAS to file.
  • The precedent partner is the first named in the partnership agreement. If there is no partnership agreement, the precedent partner is a partner who is agreed upon and appointed by the other partners. All precedent partners must file Form P.

  • All self-employed partners of a partnership including the precedent partner must file Form B/B1 and report their share of the partnership income as part of their total personal income in Form B/B1.

  • Self-employed, sole-proprietors and precedent partners have to prepare statement of accounts. IRAS provides guides and samples to help business owners learn more about preparing Statement of Accounts.
  • Ways to file Form B, filing deadlines and user guides for sole-proprietors / self-employed persons.
  • Common mistakes made by self-employed persons, sole-proprietors and partners when filing the annual tax return (Form B/B1/P).
  •  You can re-file via myTax Portal if you need to make changes after e-Filing your original tax return. If you have paper filed your original tax return, please write in to IRAS detailing the changes.

  • You can check whether IRAS received your tax return by logging into myTax Portal.


  • If you have forgotten to report income earned in previous years, please provide ALL of the following information in your Income Tax Return / via email (if reporting after 18 Apr):
  • IRAS takes actions and imposes penalties against taxpayers who evade tax and/or file incorrect tax  returns. When there is no evidence of intention to evade taxes, IRAS will take into consideration individual circumstances of a taxpayer in determining penalties. IRAS will also waive penalties for taxpayers who voluntarily disclose any errors and meet the qualifying conditions.



  • Most taxpayers file their tax returns on time. Taxpayers stand to face enforcement actions for late or non-filing of Income Tax Returns.
  • Self-employed individuals such as Commission Agents and Taxi / Private Hire Car (PHC) drivers, who have participated in pre-filling of their income, can now enjoy more convenience when filing their income tax returns by having their gross income information pre-filled in their income tax returns. They can also elect to deduct a deemed amount of expenses based on a prescribed percentage of the gross income earned.