Everyone Matters

Everyone Matters

We believe that every staff matters and plays a role in achieving IRAS' vision to partner the community in nation building and inclusive growth. 

We aspire to be a dynamic team of competent and committed people, having a strong sense of purpose in our work and taking pride in serving the nation. 

Guided by our HR philosophy, our innovative people strategies develop, grow, reward and engage our staff to be competent, happy and motivated.

Learning & Growth

  • We create an environment for each officer to do his best  
  • We empower each officer to carry out his duties effectively 
  • We create opportunities for each officer to do his work effectively and to realize his full potential 
  • We provide learning opportunities for each officer to enhance his capacity and long-term employability


  • We reward for work performance 
  • We pay competitive wages


  • We encourage active involvement in the organization but recognize that each staff has commitments outside IRAS 
  • We believe that work-life balance is important for the physical, emotional and mental well-being of our staff 
  • We believe in teamwork and treat each other with mutual respect and trust 
  • We encourage open communication and welcome feedback