Individual Income Tax


Income tax calculator for tax resident individuals

Compute income tax liability for tax resident individuals (locals and foreigners who are in Singapore for 183 days or more)

*income tax calculator for current YA is updated by 1 Mar
2.Rental calculator for tax resident and non-resident individuals (XLS, 362KB) Compute rental income for tax resident and non-resident individuals
3.Parenthood Tax Rebate Eligibility Tool (XLSM, 52KB) Check eligibility for Parenthood Tax Rebate
4.Income tax calculator for non-resident individuals (XLS, 95KB) Compute income tax liability for non-resident individuals (locals and foreigners who are in Singapore for less than 183 days)
5.Area Representative Travel Calculator (XLS, 41KB) Compute number of business days for Area Representative Scheme
6.NOR status calculator (XLS, 89KB) Check eligibility for Not Ordinarily Resident Scheme
7.NOR travel calculator (XLS, 44KB)Compute number of business days for Not Ordinarily Resident Scheme
8.Tax Clearance calculator (XLS, 68KB) For employers to check if they need to seek tax clearance for their foreign employees
9.DTA Calculator - Dependent Services (XLS, 272KB)Check eligibility for DTA exemption for personal services rendered by employees. The Claim for DTA exemption and Certificate of Residence will be displayed for your completion if you are eligible for DTA exemption.
10.New! Capital Allowance Calculator (XLS, 121KB)Compute capital allowance for sole-proprietors and partnerships for their new and existing assets
11.New! ERIS Calculator (XLS, 288KB) Check eligibility for partial tax exemption under Equity Remuneration Incentive Scheme (ERIS)
12.Car Benefit Calculator (XLS, 91KB)

Compute car benefit before YA 2020 for an employee who is provided with a car by the employer

13.New! Car Benefit Calculator From YA 2020 (XLS, 107KB) Compute car benefit from YA 2020 for an employee who is provided with a car by the employer
14.New! Adjusted Profit or Loss Calculator for SEP (XLS, 30.3KB) For Sole-Proprietors/Self-Employed to compute Adjusted Profit / Loss from their net accounting profit / loss in the Trading and Profit & Loss Account

Corporate Income Tax

1.Basic Corporate Income Tax Calculator (BTC)

BTC for Companies Filing Form C-S BTC for Companies Filing Form C
The BTC is designed for trading companies and it comes with commonly used schedules such as the capital allowance schedule. You can use the Tax Calculator to prepare your company's tax computation and work out the tax payable.

If you are filing Form C-S, the company’s tax computation and supporting schedules are not required to be submitted together with Form C-S. They are to be retained and submitted only upon IRAS’ request.

If you are filing Form C, please submit your tax computation and supporting schedules with Form C.

Withholding Tax


Basic Withholding Tax Applicability Calculator New!

Check if your payment made to a non-resident is subject to Withholding Tax.


If you are unable to use the macro-enabled calculators due to the macros in the file, please follow the steps below:

a. Open the macro file and go to the “File” tab

b. Select “Options” > “Customize Ribbon

c. Under the “Main Tabs” column on the right, check on the box “Developer” and click “OK

d. Go to the “Developer” tab and select “Macro Security

e. Check the button “Enable all macros” and click “OK

f. Save and close the file

g. Reopen the file


S45 Double Taxation Relief Tax Rate Calculator for companies

Check applicable Double Taxation Relief tax rate for form IR37 filing


DTA Calculator for non-resident professionals (XLS, 323KB)

Check eligibility for tax treaty exemption and complete IR586 online

Property Tax


Property Tax Calculator

The calculator will help you estimate your Property Tax payable, based on the Annual Value of your property. You can calculate your property tax from five preceding years up to the following year.

You can view the Annual Value of your property at

(Note: The calculator is not applicable for the qualifying commercial properties granted with the 2020 Property Tax Rebate.)

Stamp Duty


Stamp Duty Calculator

Compute the stamp duty payable (including Seller's Stamp Duty) for the following types of documents:
  • Lease/ rental of property
  • Sales and purchase of property
  • Mortgage of property and shares
  • Shares transfer

Clubs, Trade Associations and MCs


Basic Tax Calculator for Clubs, Trade Associations and MCs

  • Compute the tax liability of the club/ society/ association/ management corporation

Goods and Services Tax

1.GST Registration Calculator (prior to 2019) (XLSX, 3.19MB)Determine when your business is liable for GST registration for periods prior to 2019. This calculator has been revised in 2019.
2.GST Registration Calculator (from 2019)Determine when your business is liable for GST registration from calendar year 2019 onward.
3.GST F7 Calculator (XLS, 561 KB)Determine eligibility for correcting past GST submission errors in next period's returns, and calculating the values towards filing consolidated F7 returns.
4.Pre-registration GST: Checklist for Self-Review of Eligibility of Claim (XLSX, 1.13 MB)Determine the amount of pre-registration input tax claimable for businesses.
5.Partial Exemption Input Tax Recovery Calculator (XLS, 955KB) New!
Determine the amount of input tax claimable for partially exempt businesses.

Wage Credit Scheme (WCS)


WCS calculator (XLSX, 2.85 MB)

Compute the Wage Credit for employers.

Jobs Support Scheme (JSS)


JSS calculator (XLSX, 277 KB)

Compute the JSS payout for employers.