Companies/ Tax Agents 

Singapore Corporate Access (or Corppass) is the sole authorisation system for entities to manage digital service access of employees who need to perform corporate transactions with government agencies online. To access IRAS digital services, you must first be authorised via Corppass.

From 11 Apr 2021, you will be required to log in to government digital services for businesses (G2B) using Singpass instead of Corppass. For more information, visit Corppass website.

  • For Companies

- Corppass Simplified Guide for Companies

a) Corppass Simplified Guide for Companies where the Registered Officer Handles All Digital Services for the Company (PDF, 298KB) 

b) Corppass Simplified Guide for Companies (Main Guide) (PDF, 1.56MB) 

- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Corppass for Companies (PDF, 132KB)

- Guide on How to Log In to myTax Portal (PDF, 990KB)

  • For Tax Agents

- Guide on How to Log In to myTax Portal (PDF, 1.01MB)

- FAQs on Corppass for Tax Agents (PDF, 131KB)

For guidance on how to assign e-Services to your users and manage your client’s e-Services, please refer to the user guides here.

  • For Foreign Entities

Guide on How to Log In to myTax Portal (PDF, 990KB)

For guidance on how to set up Corppass Admin Account, please refer to the user guide here.

Login/ e-Filing Issues Encountered at myTax Portal 

Browse our most commonly encountered Corppass login/ e-Filing issues for Corporate Tax (PDF, 102KB).

Still can’t find the answers you are looking for? Try searching under the myTax Portal Technical FAQ instead!

Corporate Tax

Name of e-Service Description Information Needed Estimated Submission and/ or Processing Time Guides/ FAQs
Access Company Dashboard A dashboard that provides companies or their tax agents with information such as company's corporate profile, filing and assessment status, latest notice of assessment and whether the company is on GIRO.
  1. Your Singpass
  2. Your company's tax reference number (e.g. 200312345A) 

FAQs (PDF, 312KB)

Access Tax Agent e-Services

A one-stop platform that allows authorised tax agents to:

  • Have an overview of their clients' corporate tax matters;
  • Perform transactions on behalf of clients; and
  • View latest correspondences/ notices issued.
  1. Your Singpass
  2. Your tax agent firm's tax reference number (e.g. 200312345A)

FAQs (PDF, 312KB) 

Apply for Certificate of Residence (COR)

For companies or their tax agents to apply for COR via myTax Portal.  

  1. Your Singpass